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Dancing across the crowded streets,
Her eyes watched all, smiling and greeting,
A new surrounding, a new home she hoped to find,
A set of hazel brown eyes stopped her,
Locked and daring, he stared at her,
Leather bands around his shoulder,
Waves of long hair drifting across his face,
She held on as the crowds kept pushing,
Questions, emotions on her lips as her hand,
held her hair, tucked behind her hair,
She smiled as she lowered her eyes and walked,
She dared not glance, as the market grew loud,
He tried desparately to find her eyes,
And all he was left were the footprints on the mud,
Along with the crowds of the village.....

Shivika's Corner
Mood: artisticartistic
21 May 2016 @ 05:57 pm
I know its been some time.. sorry guys..
Here is my latest set


A few inspiring icons

Click here to download

Enjoy making icons...
06 January 2016 @ 11:32 pm
Here is my collection... love this character..

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Mood: artisticartistic
How could I explain in simple words as I look at you,
I only want to hold you tight and kiss you,
When you shed tears, others might want to run away,
Yet all I want is to hold you tight and kiss you even more,
The laugther, the smiles, the giggles, the sneaky looks,
Just melts me inside, and you take my breath away
Each time to put your hand on my heart,
I don’t want to be apart for even a second,
I just want to hold you,
Can I keep you forever, and never let go,
Yet why do you leave me so,
I would die, and would do anything to keep you safe,
This perfect flower, that I feel afraid to break
I promise my love is true, I promise to care forever
Words are not enough, if only you could see my heart,
If only you could see my eyes, you would know
I crave to be with you,
I know I might be obsessed
Yet only I know you more truly than you know yourself,
Being with you has changed me, and I know I will make you happy
This is a promise of the heart…
Mood: crazycrazy
21 November 2015 @ 06:05 pm
Athos-Vibrant-09.png Athos-MiddleText-01.png Athos-05.png
Check them out here
Please credit if taking to spiritcoda or creativehangout
Comments are so much loved... 
27 October 2015 @ 11:44 pm

check it out here..
Comments are so much loved
Please credit to spiritcoda or creativehangout
Mood: artisticartistic
I knew not what love meant,
Or what my heart drew upon a glance,
Yet there it began to rush out,
As he came in to the coffee shop,
The neatly combed hair,
His sharp dark eyes watching ahead,
As he sat opposite to me unknowing,
I hardly could glace or even breathe,
All I could do was be taken by his scent,
His freshly pressed clothers,
A slight scent of aftershave,
My hands were stiff, I could not even finish my cup,
And there I sat waiting as I knew he would walk away,
As the chair creeked, I began to breathe,
As I opened my eyes, I stared,
As he leaned towards my face,
A smile brushing across his face,....
Mood: artisticartistic

The northern winds catch the glimpses of the sailors,
The golden beaches are the prizes that await,
For they risk it all, to dance with the mighty ocean,
The lonely journey seems a misery,
Yet hope, courage and adventure,
Motivates as first orders are bestowed,
Tasks that seems so endless,
A few bowls passess through with a stale bread,
Washing down, the red rum that soothens the hunger,
As I watch the endless stars,
The pacific winds catch my smile,
A journey that awaits on aboard Ambrosia,
Another tale yet to be told.... 
Mood: artisticartistic
How do I tell you?

How can I tell you what I really feel?
Everyday we spend hours and hours together.
Knowing you so well, like I know myself,
Yet there are days, I don't know you at all
You take sides and leave me alone,
I sit and think back to our moments,
Then you come around and hug me,
All thoughts rush out, and I end up looking at your eyes again,
I know I might be stubborn, or crazy sometimes,
But we are what we are, humans,
But how I really tell you so....?
Mood: artisticartistic