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05 October 2016 @ 08:14 am
Poem: This is my battle song.... (From the collection Ray f Life)  

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine a life without struggles,
The obstacles of illusion lift us over walls,
Make us stretch our heads to look beyond what we normally see,
Yet fear will judge our strength, it will eradicate our minds and fill with doubt,
Some may overcome with sheer will power,
Though others are prolonged to suffer at the hands of fear,
The mindfulness around your world,
Will help to overcome such odds,
Filling you with strength you never knew you had beneath,
Happiness you though had abandoned you,
It had found you and marveled at you,
Now you can stand at the edge of the cliff, looking beyond, and saying
“I have made it through and I have more to go…”

Mood: amusedamused