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22 August 2016 @ 03:45 pm
Strangers Meeting: (Collection of poems: Ray of Life)  
Dancing across the crowded streets,
Her eyes watched all, smiling and greeting,
A new surrounding, a new home she hoped to find,
A set of hazel brown eyes stopped her,
Locked and daring, he stared at her,
Leather bands around his shoulder,
Waves of long hair drifting across his face,
She held on as the crowds kept pushing,
Questions, emotions on her lips as her hand,
held her hair, tucked behind her hair,
She smiled as she lowered her eyes and walked,
She dared not glance, as the market grew loud,
He tried desparately to find her eyes,
And all he was left were the footprints on the mud,
Along with the crowds of the village.....

Shivika's Corner
Mood: artisticartistic
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