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05 January 2016 @ 03:09 pm
Poem: Promise of the heart (Collection Ray of Life)  
How could I explain in simple words as I look at you,
I only want to hold you tight and kiss you,
When you shed tears, others might want to run away,
Yet all I want is to hold you tight and kiss you even more,
The laugther, the smiles, the giggles, the sneaky looks,
Just melts me inside, and you take my breath away
Each time to put your hand on my heart,
I don’t want to be apart for even a second,
I just want to hold you,
Can I keep you forever, and never let go,
Yet why do you leave me so,
I would die, and would do anything to keep you safe,
This perfect flower, that I feel afraid to break
I promise my love is true, I promise to care forever
Words are not enough, if only you could see my heart,
If only you could see my eyes, you would know
I crave to be with you,
I know I might be obsessed
Yet only I know you more truly than you know yourself,
Being with you has changed me, and I know I will make you happy
This is a promise of the heart…
Mood: crazycrazy