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26 October 2015 @ 02:15 am
Poem : Unexpected Glance (From the Ray of Life Collection)  
I knew not what love meant,
Or what my heart drew upon a glance,
Yet there it began to rush out,
As he came in to the coffee shop,
The neatly combed hair,
His sharp dark eyes watching ahead,
As he sat opposite to me unknowing,
I hardly could glace or even breathe,
All I could do was be taken by his scent,
His freshly pressed clothers,
A slight scent of aftershave,
My hands were stiff, I could not even finish my cup,
And there I sat waiting as I knew he would walk away,
As the chair creeked, I began to breathe,
As I opened my eyes, I stared,
As he leaned towards my face,
A smile brushing across his face,....
Mood: artisticartistic