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10 October 2015 @ 11:21 pm
Poem : Watch in Time (From the Ray of Life Collection)  
Watch in Time

Doubtless and scared I walk ahead,
I see clearly what I want to see,
Yet I am buried in the fakeness,
Voices and faces that means nothing,
Breathing seems hard, yet I do not gasp,
As the day ends, I shut myeslf in,
Pull the covers over my head,
Eyes shut tight , so that I might feel again,
The smell of the salty air,
The winds of a thousand world in my hair,
The blue sapphire of the milky way,
As I sail across the dreams,
Gripping everything that I could hold,
As a hand holds out an old watch,
Carved initials of someone I know,
Yet faded memories I cannot recall,
Only to wake up, pushing the covers aside,
Yet still holding in my hands, the watch ticks so loudly
Mood: creativecreative