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22 June 2014 @ 05:46 pm
Legend of the Seeker Short Story-Fic : Basket… now what do you have inside??  
Title: Basket...now what do you have inside??
Fandom: Legend of the Seeker
Characters: Richard, Kahlan, Cara, Zedd
Summary: A suspicious looking basket lay in his hand, wondering if these pomegranates was the source of the secret Zedd had kept from him. Yet Richard would have to be patient to find Zedd trying hard to save a soul.

Ouch! That’s my hand you know! Cara snared at Kahlan struggling to keep from not moving so much.
“Screaming about it, is not going to help… we are all in this together…” Richard said before pushing Kahlan to his side.
“Wait, all in this together, it was not my bright idea to take the basket…”  Cara looked offended as she pushed Zed and Richard. Zed kept still… not saying a word… he knew he was guilty.
“Look blaming someone is not going to help…” he said clearing his throat, and looking around through the net….
“This is the most embarrassing moment… being stuck... in this net with you lot… “
“Well look on the bright side…” Richard managed to pull a smile, as Zedd pushed his hand on his face almost crushing his nose…
“A bright side… seriously are you seeing a bright side to this situation” Cara indulged, as Kahlan sighed.
“At least those warriors didn’t find us yet... so we still have time to get out of this mess…” Kahlan added trying hard to sound confident, yet she gripped Richard’s hand. Richard glared back before looking up at Zedd.
Zedd managed to pull his hand through the net, focusing on the line that was tied to the tree; flames began to rip the line, when finally the net came lose.
In a tangle mess, they lay groaning from pain as the fall was not so good, while Cara was at the bottom of the heap pushing. Soon they managed to separate from the net and get up. A few bruises and yet the only person who was hurt in dignity was Cara. She managed to flash a smile before moving behind the trees to scan the area for anything. Richard stood holding the basket in his hands. It did smell like pomegranates, yet they were in such perfect condition, he tried to pick one of them from the basket.
“No you don’t” Zedd pulled the basked and put the lid back on again. Richard stood baffled with questions.
“I know my boy, but you have to wait till we reach the nearest village before you have them.”
“Since we escaped from those soldiers, you still haven’t even told us what’s those damn fruits got to do with anything, and why the hell are we even protecting them.. if not for eating… “Richard blurted out, fuming with Zedd for pushing; Kahlan just watched silently knowing all too well.
Zedd breathed in, letting out a small sound, he stared at Richard…
“Listen, in all good time, but for now just trust me” With that Zedd headed up the clear path, while the others followed up behind. It seems the ordeal only left Cara silent, yet Richard kept on asking questions, which were only blown off by Zedd as they continued to walk ahead.
Zedd looked back to see Richards irritation, he hated not knowing things. Yet this was something good for him. For within these fruits lay a secret, which he himself could not open, until he met the Wizard of Ambrosia. And it all started with him receiving the secret note a few days back.

A few hours before
It was midsummer, so the sun was radiating on him, he could feel the sweat drain him, as he walked along the streets of small town they were staying. He had read the note a few dozen times, and yet he baffled as to how he would ever find it. When a few dozen soldiers had come marching in front, Zedd managed to hid behind a column. He noticed they were matching in rows and in the middle they were carrying something. Quickly he managed to find a ladder, which was laid down on the opposite wall. Climbing it he managed to get a better view. They were shabby old baskets, as he counted it looked like about 20 baskets of them. The men headed towards the great hall of the town. It was where all the wealthy merchants met, before presenting the harvest. Now that Darken Rahl had taken over, they only served the supreme commander in charge, who called himself Cyrus. His wavy hair falling down, with his pointed nose and shabby eyes. He glared at the baskets before commanding them to put with the rest of them in the store room, other delights he had received.
Zedd managed to locate the store room, but for this act he needed the others, but he knew he would have to keep the secret a little longer after the basket was in his possession.
That night he told Richard about the store, and managed to convince them all to raid it out tonight, during the guards shift. This store was guarded by seven soldiers, each with a keen eye and one Mord’Sith. Cara snared at her from the distance, before whispering to Richard that she would handle her. Richard was a little doubtful to this mission as he kept asking Zedd what the store room contained, but only told him that they needed to get in. It seemed whatever was inside was important so Richard did not question any further and started to formulate a plan to get in and out without much hassle. Kahlan managed to take down two the guards while Richard worked on the rest. But Zedd managed to pass them all and head towards the door.
A few incantations, he managed to slip inside. The room was stuffed with baskets, barrels, boxes, and it’s smelled so good. He could smell the honey arousing his nostrils. Quickly he dashed to the baskets, placing a hand above; he managed to scan all the baskets. When he reached the last one, he quickly grabbed the middle basket and ran to the door. Peeping outside, he saw Richard fighting off the last of the guards. Pushing the door, he rushed towards the forest.
As Richard finished off the last guard with one shot, he saw Zedd dashing off to the forest, with a basket in his hand.
“What the hell is he doing without giving a hand? “he wondered. Cara came rushing back and saw Zedd. Fumed up, she ran after him followed closely by Richard and Kahlan.
Zedd could feel the fruits dancing round, as he rushed, stopping a few minutes to catch his breath. As he was about to take another step, he heard her voice.
“Where the hell are you going wizard…?” It was Cara she had managed to catch up to him. He knew he had to come up with a clever answer, but before he could answer out popped Kahlan and Richard.
Soon they all stood around, as all of them stared at Zedd with questions.
“Okay Zedd what is going on…?” Richard came closer, but Zedd hesitated and moved back.
“Let me explain… just don’t come closer” Zedd commanded
“Does it smell like pomegranates…?” Kahlan questioned even more puzzled now…
“Its not what it looks like” Zedd confessed trying to come up with a good excuse. But as he stepped further back, his leg touched a small thin vine that had been covering the entire area. With a snap of a twig, the net came rushing from under their feet, pulling all of them together before launching itself up towards the tree tops. All of them were tangled up silently watching the ground swing to and fro.

Zedd heard Richard’s voice as he struggled to get himself through the bushes to find the others staring up at the tree.A small village came to view, as Richard yelled the others to come from up the tree, while Cara waited below. Herbs and sweet nectar of honey embraced them as they walked among the people. It was a market day, and everyone was busy buying or trading their goods. Fresh fruits and vegetables were brought in and Richard saw the women arguing about the prices with fat old men with pointed noses. They didn't notice the Seeker, or the wizard as they walked passed by, and headed to a lonely lane towards the far end. It was merely covered with dead shrubs and foliage, each of them looked at each other except for Zedd, who kept whistling a tune with the basket in hand and headed towards a shabby old hut that came in to view.
Zedd managed two knocks before moving back and looking at the hut. A hooded figure opened the door, and ushered everyone in. Curiously and baffled the others followed, though Richard was even more agitated by the mystery.
Zedd let the basked slowly down on to the table, before the figure moved in front. Sliding off the hood, red bushy hair flowed out. Blue green eyes stared at them, her fair white skin shined to the fire light, while she touched the basket with so much pleasure and a few tears to everyone’s shock.
Zedd reached down, to the basket and pulled a big pomegranate out and pulled it apart with his bare hands. Inside a broken metal locket fell. Each fruit had a piece, as if from a big puzzle. With her delicate hands she pulled them together, as each touched a sparkle of light glared as they all moved in closer.
“I am so sorry for your troubles” she answered, gesturing them to sit down.
Zedd smiled while the others just stared.
“I appreciate the help you have given me, Zedd, Father would have been proud to call you his dear friend”
“It was nothing, I am honored to even help out” Zedd answered.
“Hmm, I can see from the faces, that this must be strange, but first let me introduce myself, I am Serena daughter of the Wizard Ambrosia. After my father’s passing, he had put all this magic to an amulet, which had been lost during the raids and was taken by Darken Rahl’s men. I had no way of getting it back, as you see, I am without magic. But I did manage to send word to Zedd to see if you can seek it out. To hide it, my father had buried it and made it grow inside these pomegranates.
This amulet is what is left from my father’s legacy and I wanted him to rest in peace knowing it’s in safe hands.” Tears fell cross her cheeks, as she brushed them aside.  “But if anyone knew of this, every wizard or magic person would have wanted it.  Since the locket is so powerful, it never likes to hide, if someone knows about it, it leaks out even without the person knowing it or trying to hide it. It’s the price of such power. To put more frankly it is his soul.”
Richard stared shocked at his own reaction earlier; Zedd was keeping them safe from revealing too much about the amulet. Instead of blaming out, he smiled at her
“I am glad it’s in the right hands now”
Zedd watched Richard before looking at the others.
“Please let me get supper ready for you, I am sure you must be famished.” Serena questioned, only Cara seemed to be overjoyed with that news as she gave the biggest smile Richard had ever seen.
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