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26 May 2013 @ 06:29 pm
JT-Wallpaper Tutorial  
Title: Hold on to me
Instructor: spiritcoda
Difficulty: Intermediate
Photoshop Version: CS5/CS6

Resources for the Tutorial
Background Image- Image
JT Images- John-imageTeyla-image

I know its been a long time since my last tutorial, but just hope this will give you some more inspirations to create  some great artworks
So lets get started,

1. Create a new document with width 1600 and height 1200, and keep the resolution to 72 pixels/Inch, and if you want keep the background white (optional) that is up to you, for this tutorial we are going to keep it white.

For the first part, we need to put the background as a layer. Just click and drag the image to photoshop then resize to fit the document.

For this tutorial, I have taken a premade background.
Next let's bring in John to start with.

Now lets cut him out, by either using the Quick selection tool or the  magic wand tool from your tools.

In order to define his selection exactly, on the top bar, click on Refine Edge

Using the settings given, try to refine his shape, either giving it a smooth edge and using the smart radius, here are my settings

Next, click on the Layer >Layer Mask> and select Reveal Selection

Thus giving you a perfect selection of John which you can adjust and move if necessary

Next bring in Teyla and repeat the procedure as mentioned above

Refine the edge

Then position them as you see fit, this is how I got for their position

2. Now lets start working on the colors and highlights of the characters.
First lets put both John and Teyla in black and white so that we can add color.
Select John's Layer and click on Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Black & White
Then select the black and white adjustment layer and click Layer>Create Clipping Mask from the top menu.
Your layers panel should look like this

To give you this effect

Next do the same step for Teyla

3. Adjustments
We are going to add some adjustments to the entire document. So create a new adjustment layer> Levels, and put below mentioned settings

Then create a new adjustment layer>Selective Color, and select Black and enter the settings

4. Brush Works
Now we need to create a new layer, by either selecting from the top menu or using the layers panel. Set the blending mode of this layer to color, by using a soft brush, try using the background image colors and brush the sides of both John and Teyla. Since the background image consists of purple and light orange, I have used those colors to highlight them, to give this result

Then create a new layer on top of this layer, set the blending mode to Multiply, and using the same brush, but using the color Black, brush the dark sides of the both John and Teyla, you can use the eraser tool to brush off any unwanted parts

5. Last Step add Text
And now lets add some cool text and your done. (Save your document)

Hope you had enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any request for next weeks tutorial, please post your request here. 
Here is the wallpaper.