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17 July 2012 @ 05:26 am
Tuesday-Babble- Tutorial Requests  
I don't I did get anytime to actually do a personal post on Livejournal, it was full of screencap posts for Beya. I would have to blame on life, but I couldn't do that. Since for the first time I'm actually having a good time. It's exhausting, cruel at time, that I could complain on and on about, yet it was challenge.

I learned one thing, I should try to listen and think before I speak. That is one moral, think before you say something, since those words could have a serious consequence. I know I might have hurt people along the way, so if I did I'm sorry for that.

Next to discuss is my textures, so what did happen to them, well don't worry people, its back and will be getting back.. from this week onwards, below are just a few of the things I'm sorting out

- New icon textures to be posted this week or end of this week
- New wallpaper Textures to be posted next week (during the beginning)
- sga_beya will be having a final season 1 thing, and a challenge which is posted and so need to work on those.. (fun , fun... )
- Need to get a new layout for livejournal and a new banner, try to work out some new layouts
- Illustrator tutorials to be posted on my journal and other communities
- icons for John & Teyla, new films, and falling skies (which is getting so cool these days)
- new fandom stuff to be posted by next week
- daily poems blog

Okay so a lot of stuff, that I might miss.. but it was great that I thought of doing this, so I know what I should do and what you can expect...

So let the fun begin.. and if anyone wants a tutorial... for photoshop or illustrator please do let me know by commenting on this post
jeyla4everjeyla4ever on July 17th, 2012 02:49 pm (UTC)
I love your stuff and I love your work...bring it all on!!! *smooch* And thank you so much for all your work in Beya. You are awesome!!!