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03 June 2012 @ 05:26 pm
You Complete Me-Spring fling Challenge -Chapter Two at sga_beya  

Category:  Spring Fling 'You Complete Me' Challenge
Fanfic Title:  Vampires Reach (Chapter 2)
Author:  spiritcoda
Summary:  Consumed by blood, these creatures have taken over... and only John can stop them to save her ...
Artwork Title:  Vampires
Artist:  spiritcoda
Rating:  PG
Warnings:  Some violence, and blood
Disclaimer:  The characters are not mine etc ...
Size:  ~ +/- 3000
File Format:  Word doc
Comments: Sorry for taking a long time for this, but finally this is chapter two, I do apologize for the grammar mistakes if there are any...

Previous Chapter -1

John could hear the voices buzzing around him as he tried to listen and then slowly his eyes opened… it was then he saw Rodney leaning down at him…                                                                                                                                                          
“Okay Rodney not so close!”
“Oh sorry… are you alright”
“I’ll live” John replied as he lifted himself to the pillow. He could feel the pain rushing around yet it was not so bad.
“Where’s Teyla…that thing attacked her…is she alright?”
“Ah….we might have a problem with that…” Rodney felt nervous he knew the Colonel would blow up but he needed to know the truth…
John looked up at him, the fearful eyes bored at him… he had this gut feeling it had all gone wrong… what the hell he couldn’t move…he shouldn’t have done something…
“Give it to me straight…”John pulled the tubes from his arms as he pulled the blankets off his legs and brought them down beside the bed…
“We cannot find Teyla… and a few soldiers were attacked, doc is looking in to it… but she says it’s the same symptoms, no blood and no life in any of them, you were lucky whatever attacked you left you along and took Teyla… its playing with us…” Rodney managed to breath out… as he carefully eyed John’s response.
John simply got up, pulled his gear on, his rifle, a few grenades and walked out.
“Sheppard… what do think you can do… find her… even Ronan is out there looking for her…”
“I have to do something Rodney I cannot simply stand here and wait for something… if I hadn’t done something she might have been here…I couldn’t do anything…”there were so much emotions he could feel, anger, frustration seem to push him all over, he hardly could think straight.
“Look Sheppard, radio Ronan maybe you can meet him up and continue the search on…at least you know what the guy looked like…”
John felt a pulse rise through him as he looked at Rodney and then radioed Ronan who was just a few miles away. Walking was the only option left and so with two soldiers they headed in…
John felt his muscles tensed up as the cold bet in as he pulled on his gloves and his night vision. It would be dawn soon. Every inch of his muscles cried out, as they pushed on deeper in. Every sound roused them when Ronan rushed in from the bushes.
“Seesh…Ronan I could have shot you…”
“No…I would have…there is no sign of any movement here… the ground seems unshaken, lets head east”
John quickly nodded and the group crawled, taking head of the team was Ronan followed closely by John and the two soldiers.
Every second counted in finding Teyla, yet even after a few hours, they found no trail that could suggest otherwise. Whatever took her made damn sure not to leave a single track, it was a search of cat and mouse and John was determined to find it, revenge was sweet for the taking.
It took them a round four hours to track around the massive area and yet no trace of them. John could feel his lungs tightened around as he pulled to the side gasping for air. Ronan beckoned the others to hold their ground. John commanded them to continue and that he would follow on. Reluctantly Ronan agreed.

John managed to scope down to the ground and lay there motionless. Sweat drained him as the cold hovered around. The fever had taken on, and his chest was burning now. Grabbing a few pills from his pocket, he flushed it down with some water.
“Ahh…” he sighed and pulled his collar up almost touching his chin. It was then he saw her. For the briefest of moment he thought he was dreaming… but there she was…almost perfectly glaring right at him.
Quickly he got up and let go of the safety just in case. He looked around; there were no sign of the others, it looked like she was alone.
Her head tilted to the side scanning his every response, as John stepped forward.
“Teyla, are you alright”
“John….my sweet John…”
With that he knew this was not Teyla, the eyes had turned black….whatever had taken her and done some to her…
There was no time to think as she sprang right at him and he struggled to get the stun gun and was pushed to the ground.
She lay on top of him as she pinned him to the ground. He tried, but knew that even in her battle formation; she was stronger than she looked. John simply let his arms fall to the side and watched her.
Carefully bending close to his ear she licked it…
Blood engulfed him as he struggled to concentrate; the feel of her on him exhilarated him.
“Oh my poor John…you were so weak to think that I could ever feel anything for you…”
Words cut him deep, as she pulled his head up close to her…
“You’re going to learn the true meaning of love…my sweat John” with that she dug the small knife to his side and twisted it.
Gashes of blood sprang as he struggled; the pain seemed to drown him all over. She pulled the knife and licked it as blood dripped down her cheek on to his face.
“Ahhh…now that is good…so any last words…John”
“Teyla…it’s me” he managed to gasp out as she dug the knife again and he felt his chest tightened even further and the darkness drowned him again.

The coldness was unbearable, yet Ronan pushed on. Soon the others followed in joined by Rodney stumbling from behind.
“Where’s the Colonel?”
“We had to leave him behind, he was…” from the tone Rodney understood and quickly radioed in. Waiting for an answer, Rodney tried again.
“We need to head back to him…” Rodney pulled out his tablet and looked at the monitoring screen, so far not intruders. Ronan nodded and commanded the others to follow his lead towards where they left John. Yet at the pit of his stomach he expected something to rush out… and knew that something was watching and waiting for them.
He could feel the numbness filling him and he felt his body rise above. Sounds and smells consumed him, the images where blurred out. The pain must have engulfed him for he felt nothing, just the long urge to sleep. Yet his thoughts of Teyla standing there… pulled him back to reality. It was then he could smell her, a dark figure approached him, and then pulled his hair back as she whispered words.  His lips felt bitter as could feel blood dripping down his side and face. It was then he saw her eyes looking at him. He missed them; he missed her touch as she licked his face. This was not what he wanted, and now he just watched helpless as she brushed the blood from her lips and walked to the figure sitting on a huge chair. It looked to be made out of stone. John couldn’t make out as he strained his eyes to look at his face.
The figure took Teyla’s hand and kissed her ever so lightly. John could feel the rage building up inside and he pulled the chains that bared him.
“Oh… does that bother you so much” his words broke in as Teyla moved so naturally to his side and watched John.
Rage flooded John, and before he knew it he could feel the numbness in his hands as he struggled on the chains- and the pain came flooding back. John felt the pain welling up on his side for the cuts Teyla had inflicted yet he was not ready to let her go. Teyla Looked directly at John. It was hot and airless inside what looked like a cave, and he was feeling a little claustrophobic and everything felt so surreal.
The stranger got up slowly, walked across to him. He stopped a few feet in front of John and looked at him more closely.
John took a deep breath, as he tried to hold himself together at least for Teyla’s sake. He was not going to leave her like this, even if she was not herself. At that moment, he felt profoundly sad, as he watched her walk up to this man and pulled him close to her. John knew he had to accept that it was going to take an effort to bring her back. But whatever took, he would not let her be this creature’s pet any longer.
Mustering up his strength, he finally managed to utter out..
“What the hell do you want…?”
The stranger smiled wide, “I’m sure you will understand by now what is happening…don’t you think my dear…” Caressing her with his hands, they walked hand in hand towards the stone chair.
“Oh…so let’s have a formal introduction, I’m called Caleb, and you have met my creations first hand”… he said humbled in an entirely different tone, as he guided his eyes from Teyla to John.
“She had told me something interesting about you…and so my children and I can leave this god forsaken planet… and visit others…”
Excited he stood stretching his arms and then slowly brought them down to his side….
“I never would have guessed you could be so naïve to think my people will let you just leave…” John said.
“Oh… so what are you going to do about it” Caleb asked laughing as Teyla joined in.
“Whatever I can…” John said…
“Now Teyla, please do teach your boyfriend some manners, we have something more important to do…” with that he handed a small thin knife to her and pulled to face John and then slowly moving behind her, he whispered in her ear something. John strained to hear but it was very low.
Teyla’s lips curved up as her eyes turned black and gripping the knife she walked slowly towards him.
John knew this was it; the moment he dreaded would come… at least he was not afraid. He would die from her hands, but would she be able to survive knowing that she killed her left a doubt. Caleb from behind broke into a smile as he sat on his stone chair grinding his teeth watching the entertainment.
Slowly inches by inches he saw her move towards him. If this was the moment, he need to seize it… and he knew if she was still here inside he need to remind her who she was…and what she meant for him…
But would that be enough… would that suffice to bring her back to reality. The woman he had loved all those years…and now that he had mustered the courage to tell her how he felt… he was losing her forever. No… he was not going to….
John pulled his head up, holding himself with the strength he had left as flashes of images of them flooded inside.

Ronan managed to find a few tracks where John was supposed to have been. As he scuffled around the dirt with his hand, the familiar markings baffled him.
Looking dazed out, he looked at Rodney who was anxiously waiting
“So what is it…Ronan…?”
“I don’t know but the tracks look like from Teyla” Ronan said as he saw the tracks moving in a different direction.
“Let’s just follow it… we don’t have a choice…at this moment” for the first time Rodney wished he wouldn’t have to decide this after all this was Teyla and the Colonel
“We could be heading into a trap for all we know…but at least lets surprise them by attacking from the front” Ronan looked rounded up as he pulled his gun in front beckoning the others to follow and headed in.
Gulping down his spit Rodney slowly followed behind… “This is so a bad idea…”As they headed in that direction, for the first time, they were not walking in a mad rush. They walked slowly taking their time, scanning for any movement, hidden tracks or any disturbances. Wherever they were taken Ronan knew they would not leave this place without them…even if it meant facing these things. But on the other hand, they all knew that once they found these things, whatever it was, wherever it was, they had no idea how to kill them let alone defend against this unknown threat.
As they passed through thick bushes, the terrain changed to a more rocky texture, as big rock faces pulled up from the sides. The tracks where clearly heading towards them.
They continued down the path and found themselves in front of a large cave opening. Foul smell of ashes and blood soaked the air as Ronan stationed two soldiers on the front entrance and then with the rest followed in. The cave was dark, yet a faint dim light was emitting from the back. Ronan had to nearly crouch as he walked, carefully stepping through. Each step echoed through as he moved in slowly followed by Rodney shivering in his boots.  He kept eying his monitor, it was then he reached out to Ronan and showed him one blinking dot only a few yards in front.
They could hear voices now, and the screeching of what sounded like animals. This was it… they knew it was just a matter of time to spring their attack…

He could smell the sweet perfume on her as she gently touched his face marking his lips as he bent low to seal a kiss. The hunger grew in as he lifted her up and their passion grew even stronger.
“Oh John…”
At that very moment, the images faded away, and there he was as she walked in closer, scrapping the knife with her nails.
Memories where so faintly fading as he could feel the pain consuming him, he had lost a lot of blood by now and yet everything was clear; it was only her that mattered to him, only her that ran through him, this was the time to face it all.
“Teyla…” words he hardly had enough energy to speak, yet he knew she was close enough to hear.
Her eyes widened as she moved even closer…The tip of the knife just inches away from his chest, as she dug it a little inside.
He felt no pain, just her eyes watching him.
“Teyla… it’s me…
I know you’re there, don’t do this…you have to fight it…”
He could see her eyes blink as she stopped for a few seconds, and then drew in closer, as the knife dug in even more.
This was it… and he knew there was no other moment than this… to tell. His head kept screaming and he felt the knife digging in to his chest.
“I……love…. You….Teyla, I love you” she was almost so close he could feel her breath, as  he pulled himself closer and gently kissed her lips. She gripped the knife and pulled it out and closed her eyes, as flashes of images came rushing in. John could feel her lips pressing in and then she pulled out. Her eyes were not black anymore; he could see the tears falling down.
“John…I’m sorry” the words ran like fire as he felt his heart beat a little faster.
Slowly sensing Caleb behind, she moved in even closer, as she pulled her arm up to his chains and broke it with the blade. His arm came rushing down and landed on her shoulder…
He felt her pushing him to stand and then draw his hand on her belt. At first he was baffled, as she drew his hand deeper inside her jacket; he could almost feel her soft skin underneath. And there just tucked in, her gun. Marking it with his hand, he nudged it out and held in between them.
Tilting his head he saw Caleb sitting checking his watch, but completed distracted.
She pulled herself away but as she did, the words ran out…
“Don’t miss his heart…” was all she said as she crouched to the ground.
The second where like hours, as he left himself lift the gun and the shot flushed out before Caleb could react and there he stood confused holding his chest. Blood drained out as he gasped for air and fell flat on his face.
At that moment, Teyla screamed, as she struggled to breath. Instantly John broke the other chains and dropped down next to her. He managed to scope her up in his hands as she tried to breathe. At that moment, he could hear shots fire and screeching of screams as he held her.
It was Ronan as he drew in crushing one of the creatures with his hand. Teyla touched his face, and then John looked down at her. Her eyes so bright, as he felt her life slipping away, he was not going to let her go… not now….not ever.
“You’re not going anywhere…you hear me…you’re not leaving me”
She smiled as she felt his tears dropped down her cheek.  Flashes of lights passed as he felt himself pulled away from her as the darkness consumed him again as he saw her being lifted away…
“John…can you hear me…Colonel”
He could feel his head spinning as he opened his eyes to see Rodney standing there and just behind him Ronan looking more concerned than usual.

“Hey…” lifting his head, Rodney pulled the pillow up.
“So…what’s the latest” John managed to scan the area… he was back at Atlantis
“Whatever those creatures were… actually to my notion, they did look like vampires, they just died as soon as you killed the big guy. I mean we just managed to push ourselves through when we saw you both on the ground…” Rodney looked at Ronan, who seemed bored but managed to curl up a smile and nod.
John couldn’t help but smile
“So its vampires…” John asked raising his eyebrows at Rodney
“What else could it be…I mean it drank blood and everything…I’m telling you someone is playing Frankenstein in that place…” Rodney managed to give a sheepish smile and they all just laughed.
“Well, whatever they may be…we got them all” Ronan exclaimed as he folded his arms.
“And Calus, did you give him word…”
“We managed to find his son, and he should be alright just like the others, I think it was blood, something infected them…Doc says it had Wraith DNA in it”
“Vampires, I mean who would have thought we would have to face things like that.” John sighed and yet his eyes were searching for something and it was then he saw her just standing there, brushing the tears away.

“Well, the good news is that you have more puncher holes than a golf course.” Rodney watched John as he looked at Teyla, sensing that it was time for them to disappear, Ronan pulled him from his collar and dragged him out.
John smiled as Teyla sat down close to him on the edge of the bed.
They just looked at each other what looked like hours and then he broke the silence,
“How are you doing?” he could feel her blush a little before she answered
“I’ll live…” she replied as his hand touched her face caressing her chin.
“I’m glad!” for the first time he felt confident, no more doubts about them, and she was the reason that he would go on.
Teyla laughed softly, as he watched her baffled…
“You know this changes a lot of things.”  Teyla said
“Yes…it does” he smiled and this time he knew what he wanted and he got what he had desired for so long…  “But you know I am ready this time, no holding back!”

nacimynomnacinom on June 3rd, 2012 07:18 pm (UTC)
Good story. I am so glad that they both survived and that Teyla got back to normal. I really liked the way you had John's declaration of love break the hold Caleb had on Teyla.
kariesuekariesue on June 3rd, 2012 09:38 pm (UTC)
Ditto to what nacinom said. So glad that everything worked out okay. And John and Teyla got together in the end.
Between the idea and the reality.....kickstand75 on June 6th, 2012 03:58 pm (UTC)
whew. glad they all made it. :) I third what the ladies said above. That was cool how John's love broke the hold on Teyla.
jeyla4everjeyla4ever on June 20th, 2012 12:39 am (UTC)
Wow, I love this. This is truly painful but beautiful.

I love the action, the angst, and the emotion and love behind it all. Just beautiful!!! You have to write more!!!

You just have to. :)