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27 May 2012 @ 09:10 pm
You Complete Me-Spring fling Challenge at sga_beya  

Category:  Spring Fling 'You Complete Me' Challenge
Fanfic Title:  Vampires Reach (1/2)
Author:  spiritcoda
Summary:  Consumed by blood, these creatures have taken over... and only John can stop them to save her ...
Artwork Title:  Vampires
Artist:  spiritcoda
Rating:  PG
Warnings:  Some violence, and blood
Disclaimer:  The characters are not mine etc ...
Size:  ~ +/- 3000
File Format:  Word doc
Comments: Sorry about this being long.. just got carried away... With two chapters...kind of my first fic... so I do apologise for the grammar mistakes if there any...

The storms were stodgy again, as he lifted his jacket to keep the rain from dripping down his neck. He was standing outside the balcony watching the storms range out in the ocean. Its waves beating heavily against Atlantis, yet it never bothered anyone to look at these fierce winds crushing down on the body of water.
Keeping his head low, he headed inside to find Rodney talking to Lorne about something, he saw that Lorne looked bored yet was eager to listen. For a few days now, there were no missions out world, and he was completely bored out of his skull. He must have pestered Ronan every second, and finally Ronan hooked up with Teyla and went to help with the harvest.
John felt betrayed as he roamed the halls and managed to find a quiet place to look at the raging waves again. As his thoughts fled back to Teyla, it got harder to think… She was doing well with Kanan, yet he knew that she needed more , no she wanted more than what he could offer. Even during their sparing sessions, her simple smiles as their skins touched, they were just teasing each other. But now he felt unbearable to watch her anymore. There were times he could hardly hold himself and yet Teyla would not budge. She was headstrong, and being a leader added to that. She was going to be tough to reach and yet he enjoyed the challenge.
There were times he felt she knew something yet was holding back, they would just simply stare and like always she would walk away without a word.
He hated those moments, and he knew he was even more coward for not admitting his feelings, but he needed her to be certain and with Kanan in the picture, it just made it harder for him to confess. After all Kanan was her own people and he simply was an outsider. A barrier that was getting harder to cross even though they have been working together for some time and even during their off time, except she never brought the topic up and when he did try, she quickly changed the subject and moved away.
Doubts clouded him as the radio beeped in his ear,
“Colonel Sheppard you need to come to the control room…”
“Why, what’s the problem… “He bellowed, completely pissed off for ruining his moment.
“We got a distress call”
“Alright… be there in a minute” with that he picked himself up and jogged to the control room. Strangely they were all staring at the top screen. At first John could not tell then he saw a barren land and a hooded man standing facing the camera.
“Colonel… I think you should hear what he has to say… “Rodney quickly clicked a few buttons and flicked the ear phone at John.
“Who the hell is he…? Rodney… what’s going on”… completely baffled he listened through the earphone.
“This is Colonel Sheppard”

There was a moment of silence and faint voice came through…
“I’m so glad to talk to you sir, we are in need of your assistance, we had been trying to transmit any kind of calls yet no one had answered our calls, until now… you have no idea… the appreciation my people are to you…. “

Feeling a little awkward, John grimed at Rodney
“So… what happened?” he inquired
The voice was quite as he saw the man fidget a little and tried to explain…
“…I don’t know how to explain this but it’s strange… I don’t know if you will believe me Sir…”
Quickly Rodney took the microphone and spoke…
“It’s okay… just tell the Colonel… we have seen worst… yet I guess this would the first kind of strangeness like this…or was it the second one…”
“Okay….Rodney you don’t need to scare the man… let him tell the story… “
“As I was saying for the past weeks we had been having some strange disappearance in the woods, at first we thought it was some kind of animal that was attacking the people when they went to gather firewood… but these were not animal attacks…

It was just a few days that we found our first body… the poor thing a young girl yet to be engaged. Her name of Maya, the lifeless body was cold… no scratch markings, no blood, just these two holes on her neck… and according to our healers, she did not have any blood as if it was drained out of her…..

It was then we found two more… with the same condition… and no sign of the attacker anywhere, the people become panicked… we hardly go out anymore… and yesterday we found a body close to our village; it was a young man …. “
There were tears in his eyes now, taking a few short breaths as he spoke….
“My son… just lying there… frozen as if the gods had taken revenge on us…
We have tried to please the gods by giving prayer offerings in our sacred temple, yet today…”
He looked scared… yet the tears were clearly visible as if sadness had drained him….
“…I saw him… standing there at the edge of the wood, eyes as black as night… so white… I know that he was dead… when we buried him… yet we have dug every grave and found them empty”

There was silence as John tried to consume what he just heard…. Okay weirdness rang out loud…
“Who did you see?” John asked turning to Rodney for support…
“It was my son Colonel… it was my son…. And then he just disappeared… many of us saw him… we have no idea to go searching for them or if this was just a trap for these creatures have done to my people….to my only son…. “
He gulped hard as he brushed his tears…
“I have been the leader for this village for as long as I could remember… now which direction do I take them in this…. We can’t even keep ourselves warm and soon winter will be upon on…. What then…

You are our only chance of survival… if you don’t help us we have no choice but die…then to face whatever is out there….”

Everyone kept silent for a while, even back at Atlantis the staff just watched with some of them in tears…
John quickly pulled Rodney to the side
“So…. Please tell you have a genius explanation for this… I mean… blood drained from the body… sounds like a horrible vampire story…”
“Well… actually vampire is a good explanation other than the wraith decided to drink blood which would not be so good for their stomach… or do they even have one… hmm… need to look in to that one…”
“Rodney…..will you put a sock in it… vampires come on… even I know they don’t exist… seriously we are going to tell them to bind garlic and some holy water…”
“Ahhhh… garlic does grow in their village could be a start…”
John lifted his chin… the look Rodney knew well
“Okay I’m keeping quite now…look I’m no expert in this… the only thing to do is get doc to look at the body and to make sure about this blood thing…before making any assumptions of any kind”
“Wow Rodney… now that didn’t hurt did it… “Rodney simply ignored him and looked away pretending to be doing something…
John faced the monitor
“Hang in there… I’m sending in a team to check on this… just keep your people inside and we will bring some supplies to keep you going but if worse comes… your people will need to be relocated… so keep them ready and above all calm… we don’t need any more casualties now”…
The man was overwhelmed as even more tears poured out…
“Thanking you so much Colonel… we will be expecting you…”
The screen went black and Colonel turned to the staff…
“Okay let’s get started… I need to assemble a team ASAP… So who is volunteering for this since our commander is not here… we need to act quickly if we are ever going to save them…”

“I will go Colonel”
The voice ran like thunder as she marched right in front of him her hair neatly falling on her shoulder, she was wearing her Athosian gear while Ronan clobbered up behind looking less eagerly
“Teyla” he could not say anything else as he looked at her and then quickly at Ronan before anyone realized…

“Okay so we have two now… and who else…”
Quickly Lorne bulged in, John nodded in acceptance, and then a few more soldiers stepped forward. Soon there were ten… feeling satisfied John radioed Doc to put her team together and some supplies and head to the gate.

As the team and the medical team gathered, Rodney managed to pull up a map of the area and started showing John of the massive vicinity that they would have to cover to search for this unknown entity.
Yet like always when John was set on a task he would not budge, Teyla watched him scan the map knowing the impossibility of this task; however his determination was stronger than ever. That was one trait she loved about him, he would not leave those people even if there were not his own, he would give up his life for them. His hand brushed his hair as he called the rest of team to follow while Teyla, John and Ronan would take lead.

Soon the gates where dialed and a rush of air pulled them all.

A small party of ten villagers waited for them beside the gate. Colonel taking a bold step approached them. He noticed the familiar man with tears in eyes watching him.
“I cannot believe my eyes, you have no idea how much this means to me Colonel…”
With that he took John’s hand and laid it on his chest… at first John was taken back, looking around he saw Teyla doing the same thing with the other villages. So he quietly let him do his ritual.

“We will help your people in any way we can…” Teyla’s voice was clear and comforting. As she held a woman who broke in to tears as soon as she felt her hand. Teyla watched John watching her.
Quickly they looked away and soon both the teams where taken through the barren lands to the small hidden village.
Nested just been two massive ridges, the village lay so quietly in place; all the doors were barged up with wooden planks. Many of the villages were covered up with thick layers of leather clothing.

John felt the coldness as he landed on this planet; Rodney gave the diagnostics and said that temperatures could reach to -25 below in the night. Rodney kept glancing at his monitor and looking around.

In the formal introduction John found that the man was called Calus, and lead them to his house.
Calus’s wife was very gentle she welcomed them all with open arms. The house looked more like a barn house. Not much furniture but the fireplace was massive.
Doc managed to gather her team and ask Calus on the latest body that was discovered. They did not bury this body since the others had gone missing. So Calus lead her to where the body was taken and her team followed.
John assembled his team and decided to scout the area and set up a perimeter. Teyla agreed as she wanted to learn more about this planet.
So John, Rodney who was not quite pleased to go, Teyla, Ronan, Lorne and a few soldiers took the northern route away from the village towards where Calus had seen his son.  The winds seemed to have picked up speed and hit hard on the team as they made their way carefully through the dense woods.

The trees where massively tall they could hardly see the tree tops, as they engulfed the entire area only sending a few beams of light through. It was evening by then and soon the sun would go down. They needed to cover as much ground before dark and then go night vision.
All of a sudden Rodney halted, John approached him
“What is it?”
“Don’t you think it’s strange that you cannot hear anything…not even a bird?”
With that everyone started to listen; to their complete surprise only the whistling of the wind seems to linger ahead. Yet John beckoned them to continue on.

It was dark now… and so they put on the night vision and headed in further.  John couldn’t help but feel as if being watched and looked at Teyla
She quickly caught up with him,
“I feel the same Colonel, we are being watched …”
She always seemed to know what he was thinking; he glanced at her before heading on pushing a few branches to enter a small clearing.
Rodney stumbled ahead and then glanced at his monitor. His eyes narrowed down and then looked up…
John waited for his response
“So what” Rodney replied
“Any movement” pissed off he let the safety on walked a few yards while the other soldiers scanned the area

“There is nothing showing on the readings; there are no life forms anywhere except for ours…I mean this is pointless we could be searching for days, this area is massive. “

“Stop complaining, you know you can save that energy for walking” quickly Rodney made a face and turned around. John simply smiled and walked towards Teyla. Her back turned towards him.
She felt his presence and turned around, for a slight second their eyes met and then she stared back at the wilderness.
“So what do think this is?” slowly he settled beside her ever so lightly grazing her shoulder
“I don’t know Colonel, it’s not any creature we have come across, whatever this might be, coldness seem to agree with it”
“I thought about that, but it still does not explain Calus’s son coming back to like… and the bodies”
“It’s seems we have more questions than answers” Teyla looked tired as she brushed her eyes and straightened. John eyed her for a while and then looked ahead
“You seemed bothered about something… you know you can tell me.”
“It’s nothing Colonel…of that much importance”
“Don’t do that”
Quickly she felt the tension from John, as he stood completely straight.
After a moment of silence he replied,
“Why do you keep doing this to yourself, hiding your feelings, I mean what’s the real point, you don’t want me to find out or just that you don’t really care,”

“John…it’s not that”
“Okay so explain to me Teyla, how does it work…?” John couldn’t hold back his frustration, which had been crawling at him for so long, now it just let out. After he said it her face turned hard he knew he was hurting her and regretted even telling her that much…

“Forget it…” as he was about to walk away, she grabbed his hand. The tension, the frustration let go out of him, slowly he turned towards her.
“I never said I didn’t care John… just that it’s harder to explain to you what I feel”
“Try, you never know “slowly she let him go and stood facing him; her head bent low

“I do feel John, and that you were always there for me when I needed you, and now that Kanan had come to my life, I never felt stronger… and the reason was right in front of me and I just couldn’t call out”
Gulping hard John let his hand graze her cheek and lifted her chin
“I feel the same way, you have no idea…”
“You do…”
For that moment Teyla looked directly at him, no frustration clouded them both as they stared at each other, completely obliterate to the surroundings.

He never saw the figure standing just beside them, as the gush of wind so strong pulled her way to the ground. He felt his chest hit hard as he flung against the tree bark, he could feel the ribs ripping inside.
As his eyes found the focus, he saw the figure leaning over her, digging his teeth to her neck. He saw her fighting it trying hard to escape its grasp yet it held her down as her body juddered and finally gave way. John tried to call out, but the pain on his chest screamed and he could not even move. Helplessly he watched it drained her and then looked at him, his darkish eyes pinned to his head, as black vines wriggled along his forehead and neck. His was tall and yet so covered up in a dark overcoat. Ever so gently he lifted her up and carried her. Almost teasing him and then within a flash he was gone.
John could feel the blood rush in to his mouth and then Rodney’s face calling out his name and soon the darkness overcame him and he felt so sleepy…
She must have fallen asleep as her eyes began to clear up, the stench of dampness and blood roused through the air. Teyla managed to pull herself off the ground and lift her head to see. Her head felt heavy and her throat burning.
Dirt clinked to her cheek, as she brushed it to feel it wet and muddy. It was cave but the ground was full of moist. The stench of fowl blood rang up her nostrils yet its aroma made her hungry.
Her eyes were burning as she struggled to open them. Only a fuzzy vision revealed her the interior of the cave. It had a small opening, a few ragged clothes laid out on a small bunked bed, and then to the side a pile of something…then to the far end she saw a few figures standing and some sitting on the ground.
It was then a shadow covered her and she looked up at him…
“My lady, it’s good of you to wake up”
“…where am I?” she managed to gulp out the words
He kneeled down and pulled her face towards him…
“Hmm it’s funny but your transformation took much faster… I wonder… what you are?” his soft voice was not what she expected as she pulled away and stood up.
“And I see your much stronger than the rest” slowly he stood up just inches away from her
She wanted to run yet she didn’t know where as her head kept spinning around
“What have you done to me?”
“Just given you a gift that is all… a gift of immortality”
“What…” Teyla felt her eyes clear and now she saw him. He looked normal and yet not so human. The black veins wriggled around his neck.
“Don’t worry about it” with that he moved closer to her pulling her in his arms and staring right at her… She struggled to let go. His arms were like iron holding her, pushing her closer, till she could feel his breath upon her.
“Shuhhhh… now that wasn’t so bad was it… you’re going to do exactly what I say aren’t you my dear pet”
As if the words had been dug in to her she stood still, her eyes turned completely black…
“Yes, master”
“That’s good…now you’re going to find me your tough boyfriend to add to my collection… and then I can leave this planet through those gates…”
“I will bring him to you…” her straight voice rang out as she walked out of the cave, and the chuckles of his voice rang out loud…

To be continued soon..

Will post chapter two soon...

kariesuekariesue on May 27th, 2012 05:39 pm (UTC)
Aaauuugghhhh!!!! OMG! How will they ever get Teyla back to normal?? And now she's going to get John! This is a bit of a suspense.

It's amazing this is your first story. The plot is very complex and detailed. Love the interaction between John and Teyla right before she is attacked. Very true to character for them.
Can't wait to see ow you finish this off.
LiveJournal: pingback_botlivejournal on May 27th, 2012 06:45 pm (UTC)
SGA Newsletter - May 27, 2012
User neevebrody referenced to your post from SGA Newsletter - May 27, 2012 saying: [...] : Vampires Reach 1/2 (John/Teyla) [PG] [...]
jeyla4everjeyla4ever on May 29th, 2012 03:23 pm (UTC)
Oh, you mean girl!!! you can't leave me here!!!

Like Karie, I think it's amazing and I love the suspense and of course, JT!
Can't believe it's your first! LOOOVE IT!

More, more, more!!!
padme18: Janepadme18 on May 31st, 2012 06:50 pm (UTC)
Oh, Vampires! Very interesting. You have to finish this.
courtamcourtam on June 1st, 2012 12:17 am (UTC)
More please I would like to see where you take this.