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24 June 2008 @ 07:17 am
A little update  
Well I would really like to appologize, I just have been so busy with work and other stuff, that I havent had a chance to update some of fanart works, tutorials and textures. But dont worry I will be back bearing alot of gifts.

Also I would like to say a big sorry to everyone for forgetting their birthdays... well now I am trying to make a calendar for myself and really trying hard to get back to the world of LJ.

Icon textures and wallpaper textures are on the way including some fan graphics.

Well I finally managed to read and finish the first book of Twilight, it was just amazing, the love between Edward and Bella was just thrilling, and quite emotional. I have ordered the rest of the collection. I just cant wait to read them.

Have you seen the new pics for Season 5 of Stargate Atlantis... its looks great.. I  just atlantis these days... it just been so boring... no new series at all.
I just notice that alot of the good shows are being cancelled now, and I see less good ones coming out. Seriously whats wrong with the network?

Last weekend I had the chance to go see IRON MAN, which was a real blast. Serious Tony and pepper are so cute, I am seriously putting them in my shippers list. I started reading my IRON man comics now again, I really miss reading comics these days. I mean I had this huge collection. So now its time to get the stuff out and start reading...

CHECK OUT MY NEW ICON for IRON MAN.... Well I am definitely going to do a batch of icons for IRON MAN...

Well got to run, its morning here in Bahrain... I am just having breakfast and getting ready for work...

Hope everyone has a great day..

Mood: cynicalcynical
Music: alone
VeRou: ¤Twilight_Kristen¤verou on June 24th, 2008 06:49 am (UTC)
I understand you! I'm so busy too! So you are forgive!! hehe! ^^

Oh! You readed Twilight! This is so great! I just love this book! I'm in the reading of the second one and I can't wait to see what will happen! *grin*

I also love your icon! It's nice! I also watched this movie... I don't know if I love it... but I enjoy to watch it! Of course, it will be sure that we will buy it, because my boyfriend is in love with this movie! lol! ^^'

Take care and I can't wait to see your next batch of icons!
Have a nice week! xxxx
Nicole: tony/pepper crashednicole9514 on June 24th, 2008 08:49 pm (UTC)
hey girl it's good to hear from you again :)

Iron Man is pure love :))

twilight is so addicting :)
Shippwreckedbodea on June 26th, 2008 01:17 am (UTC)
The new icon is niffty. I'm curious to hear your thoughts after you read the second book in the Twilight series (!).