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07 January 2006 @ 04:08 pm
A non-prosperous day  
Well, as I stand across, I watch the descendants climbing but see myself falling to the grounds below. Far away from the others. I guess this week has not been a good week for me, I didn't have enough time to start any of my writings, I had one of those terrible headaches, but I managed to start my fan fiction about John And teyla. I always love to believe in true love and one is made for the other. But I want to include in my story something more strange. Since Atlantis is about this strange new people called the Ancients and their lost city, so I finally decide to create one of their expeditions around the city. After I watched BEFORE I SLEEP, it gave some good inspirations of strange things that might lurk inside Atlantis.

Well I got a quick question, tell me your stories, that you might think will be shown on Atlantis while they explore the lost city.. It would be great to hear your opinions... too...

Well got to get back to my work... Till we meet again...

Mood: distresseddistressed