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Free time... free time... finally

well I have to say, life really sucks sometimes... Work is such a drag ... 
well its the weekend for me... Finally... it almost felt like forever, I got so much to update, 
Started working on my textures,.... sorry for not posting a few weeks back... well dont worry I got lots of goodies... 

First my new fandom... BLOODTIES... 
I just finished watching the first 12 episodes... and I am already in love with it... especially Henry & Vicky... They are so great together.. as you can see from my icon and header... 

I thought I do a video for them.. I am just uploading it now.. should be able to post it soon

well got to run... 
Got so many icons to make... I should be done with my teyla stuff, and some new john & teyla goodies.... 

Tags: bloodties
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