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03 July 2007 @ 11:50 am
one of those up and down kind of days...  

I dont think I have ever felt so confused and alone as I do today.  It was not a busy day at the office but it just didnt feel right.  I don't know how to explain it... I felt so alone ( its like standing in a room and no one seems to care, kind of feeling) I hope that sounds right. 

I am kind of in my lunch break and I though I should post my feelings 

The only thing I can look forward to is a friend of mine is having his birthday today... so we are going to catch a movie and later dinner. He is my class mate. So we are planning to watch die hard 4( which I am not so much keen on seeing ) but he seems to love it. 

Bro is off from school for the holidays, totally bored so I got him some good games, (he is really good at video games) but I am thinking of getting pirates 3 or maybe TMNT which is good since I saw the preview. 
But I am definately getting the New harry potter game. Nicole said it was good, but since I played goblet of fire I am sure its even better. 

Well I got a few minutes to spare, just going to rush over with lunch and get back to work... 
Hope everyone has a great day... and I am sure everyone is off for the 4th of july... 

Location: at work
Nicole: rose doc worldnicole9514 on July 3rd, 2007 11:49 am (UTC)
i've felt that way myself hon. Having something to look forward to is always helpful. Die hard 4 doesn't look bad actually, let me know if it's any good.

Yes you should definitely play harry potter and POTC 3 is fun as well.

i am off tommorow indeed :))

VeRou: ¤Petite Sirène/ Fleurs¤verou on July 3rd, 2007 03:10 pm (UTC)
*HUGS*! Hope you feel better now my dear! I feel a little like that too....but I know why...I work too much and I didn't see my boyfriend because we aren't on the same shift! He work during day and I work during evening....¬¬ Damn it!...anaway!

I also played goblet of fire and I was really....sad about it...It was boring!!! The two first was better! I didn't see preview for the last one!

Hope you passed a good day miss!!! Take care of you!!!
If you want to feel better....one thing that always work with me.....eat CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!^^ xxxxxxxx