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08 July 2006 @ 04:38 pm
OH... what a week! (Some new suprises)  
First of all I like to apologize to all, I was off for a week so I never had chance to check your messages or to respond to your post. 
Well I am back... and feeling quite relaxed. I dont have that much work now, since its the summer here... so everything kind of slows down. 
So let me start with my killer week. 
A couple of my family friends visited, so we all took a four day trip to a near by Island called Hawar, which was extremely hot... but the ocean sea was cool. I went on boat rides with my cousins and had long afternoon beach parties. It was really cool. On our second day, we went diving, we had a few hours of instruction, since its was not a deep dive, about 10 to 15 ft. But the view was spectacular. 
Well my story kind of starts from there. The instructor was this British guy... in his mid twenties... a professional... (and very cute guy)... he kind of started to talk a little with me... before the dives and after we came to the surface. We talked about the life here in Bahrain ... and his life as a diver and his travels... I have to say I was definitely taken over by his charm, but I was still on my defense... since my breakup I was still not sure If I should start dating again. OH well he was definitely a cool guy... we had nice long walks along the beach, and he even took me on his boat...(my friends were there too of course)... I think I was really shocked when he asked my number so that we could keep in touch. At first I thought... should I... then I said... what the worst could happen... so I gave it to him. He even came to see us off on our last day. 
When I got home...  I couldn't believe that the four days were over... it was like a dream... but so real. I don't think I will never forget those days.

The next few days I went shopping got some new jeans and a cool blue top, and I brought my mom a skirt and red top ( she loves red). Finally my week was over.... Oh well its was great while it lasted... 
I am almost done with my new John & Teyla video... which should be out soon... and I just started watching Battlestar Galactica... which is good... a little interesting if you are a sci fi freak like me. I think I might try to make a video for that... oh well so many things are coming this week... Superman returns is out... Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest... got to see that... and Stargate Atlantis season 3... will be officialy aired on 14th... It will take at least a two months for it to reach here... but its worthwhile the wait.... 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend... and I almost forgot to tell Happy Fourth of July to all Americans out there...

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Nicolenicole9514 on July 8th, 2006 06:00 pm (UTC)
Ohh i hope he calls you hun. It sounds like you had a great time!!!!

I cannot wait to see Pirates me and hubby are going next saturday :))
Shivikaspiritcoda on July 9th, 2006 06:07 am (UTC)
oh.. thanks hun... I hope so too...
Well I am taking my bro next Monday for that... hey we should both leave our comments about this movies...
Nicolenicole9514 on July 9th, 2006 03:44 pm (UTC)
oh i will once i see it :)))