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14 January 2006 @ 06:05 pm
A Good Start  

Well, its been a good relaxing weekend from me. We had some extra holidays here, so I have been able to put my story to the paper. But I still haven't got time to type it in. Well let me a give a brief plot to my fan fiction story.

Inspired by the TV series Stargate Atlantis

Main Characters: John Sheppard

A new Character is introduced: Serena from the planet of Azure, in the Pegasus galaxy.

Well the story starts as the Major Sheppard and his team come across the planet and find its strange but interesting inhabitants. It is then, and they meet a gang who seemed to terrorize the village people. The notorious Galieth, the leader believe that if they do not supply them with food, they will have to pay their prize by hanging them. Sheppard and his team stumble across their cruel crime but are captured by Galieth's men. Forced to watch the people being hanged. But to their luck a girl with the utmost determination is able to rescue them. Sheppard and Rodney fall head over heals to her many abilities. But Teyla and Ronan are some how do not trust her at all. The learn that she has a deep secret. After their rescue she learns of their arrival from Atlantis, but before they can chat away, Teyla senses Wraith on the planet. Soon to their utmost horror they find that a calling is going on, Instinctively she takes action to save as many people she can and leave the planet. Sheppard promises to come back to help. They leave to get more people to help. By the time they arrive the planet is over taken. They find the villages empty. and Serena missing. Meanwhile Serena is take aboard the hive ships where she comes face to face with chief who question her about the planet Earth. She not knowing what it is, they hold her captive in the hive ship. But she manages to get herself on to a dart and gets to a nearby planet. She is able to send a distress signal to Rodney. Immediately they come to rescue her. She is taken, badly injured to Atlantis. Dr. Beckett helps to heal her wounds but during his examination he finds a mark on the arm that puzzles him. He inquires to the Dr. Weir about it. As they baffle around the mark, Serena lives on Atlantis, getting to know more of sheppard than she wants. Her painful past stops her from taking notice of his attention. With the help of Rodney they try to find about her people while she shows Teyla the art of healing.

Well so far I got to that part. I still want to create my new character more, now I am trying to get a visual of her appearance and her strange culture that should be relating to the ancients...

Well till next time.. Over and Out


Mood: creativecreative