Request for Work & Tutorials-Updated

Its been great to know we are still alive on Livejournal and still the groups are quite active. So if any of you require any banners, icons or just wallpaper I am keeping this open to all to send in your request

Please put the subject as the current date and your request I am more than happy to make and help the community out

list of works I am accepting

  • Icons 
  • Banners
  • Wallpaper
  • Textures
  • Fan video
  • Fan artworks
  • Pencil Sketches
  • Logo Designs 
  • Website / layout designs

I will also be creating some original artworks and textures so you can use them to your work 

Remember please share your work with me as I love to see them. As I am planning to make a page on my website for all the work done with my textures so if you would like to be featured please do share your links and please mention the name to be included. 

In case you cannot reach me here on Livejournal, just send me a message on Whatsapp to this number as I am mostly doing stuff so I might miss your message

+973 33939745  or just email me on spiritcoda@gmail.com 

I am on Instagram and Facebook 


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