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How you think life will change ? When it can change in a heartbeat ..... SAY YES !!!

I know its been a while since I have made a post. A lot has changed in my life. I seriously had a hard time a few months back. Job pressure, financial situations and lack of resources. Therefore I was unable to do any artworks or even my textures. I was completely locked out and was on the line of depression and anxiety. 

I never felt so utterly useless in my entire life. Yet through some self development and with the help of my loving husband who was with me through my transformation. I was able to stand up and say "THIS IS ENOUGH" .

I wanted to change my life, no more stress, I wanted happiness, back in my life. Do the things that I love to do and feel that I was worth the chance. 

With the help of my amazing boss (Mr. Shuvo) I was able to achieve this. He was my mentor and he guided me through all this troubles. He never once doubted my capabilities, yet he was the one pushing me to my full limit. And then I was introduced to Tony Robbins (Number one motivation speaker and strategist). He just opened my eyes. I followed his youtube videos and practiced some of this tips. These really help me to stay focus on the things that were important and always be in a beautiful state of mind. 

Then on 1st of Feb 2018 I attended the UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN one of his Signature programs in Singapore. I learned so much and yet there is not enough words to express the knowledge, the experience and amount of energy he shared with the entire 13,000 people who came from all over the world. I made so many friends and it was amazing to see just how much it felt to be connected to everyone there. He talked about the basic facts which we took for granted like appreciating ourselves, focusing on our goals and dreams and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. These four days transformed me, through body, mind and soul. 

Me and my Husband

Here I want to share a few points that has helped me and is still changing me or more like transforming me to a better person. 

The source of all emotion is a constellation of three forces (The core to emotional fitness)

  1. Physiology
  2. Focus
  3. Language

What controls our lives are the meanings we associate to the things in our lives, which are shaped by our own personal psychology and our world view.  

Once we have established the meaning, each individual will have a pattern of emotions that they associate to this meaning as their natural way of coping. 

Emotion is created by motion. Life is happening to you not for you. If we break the pattern, we can shape and drive our lives to the way we want it to be. 

The universal force is HUMAN NEED. The primal needs are :

  1. Certainty
  2. Uncertainty
  3. Significance
  4. Connection
  5. Growth
  6. Contribution

As Tony describes it, there is always a way to fulfill a need, and the very skill lies in finding a sustainable way to fulfill it, which in a way gives more pleasure than pain. 

Also he touches on beliefs, KEY BELIEFS as he says

"It's not what happens, its what you do that makes the difference. In order for things to change for you, YOU MUST CHANGE."

Modeling is also another factor he talks about, 

"Look for people who have the results you want, find out what they are doing and do the same thing"

NEURO-ASSOCIATIVE CONDITIONING (The ultimate success forumla)

  1. Know your outcome ? (Clarity if power!!)
  2. Know your reasons why ? (why is it a must)
  3. Take Massive actions (do extra things that are extraordinary)
  4. Know what your getting?
  5. Change your approach


  • GET LEVERAGE. If you can't you MUST CHANGE.
  • Interrupt the pattern
  • Create an empowering alternative (and reinforce it until it becomes a habit)

Change is never a matter of ability, its always a matter of motivation. 

Then comes the driving force that moves us all either towards the positive or the negative. Most people fail to achieve their goals in life due to one simple reason. They never take the first step. These are the five steps

  1. Put yourself in a PEAK STATE (For peak performance. Physiology/Focus)
  2. Find your passion (Values Fuel the Drive, What do you love, what do you hate, what are you passionate about?, what do you really want?, what really drives you in life?)
  3. Decide, commit & resolve! (Unleash your power)
  4. Take immediate, intelligent, consistent & massive action!
  5. Be SMART Be honest with yourself (Strategy Check it, Change it, Reengineer it, Reinforce it. Strengthen it.Measure more often!, Assess where its giving you the emotional reward you want. Reinforce what works and take new action to continue the momentum. Take new action)

Then Tony Robbins talks about 5 Keys to asking Intelligently, The Dickens Process (Limiting beliefs that you have, empowering your positive beliefs)

12 Master Principles of a Vital life and 8 gifts & four poisons (These he focuses on the body how we can shape it to what we want, by eating and living a healthy lifestyle. )

The most important thing that I have learned about the power of pure energy. And we ourselves need to fuel that energy so that it can be shared with others as well. Imagine 13,000 people feeling and screaming with the same amount energy. It was massive. At the end Your VITAL LIFE ACTION STEPS (8 GIFTS that I learned to focus on myself)


He says there are 2 master skills in life

  1. Master the Science of achievement
  2. Master the art of fulfillment 

Also above all else LOVE IS THE OXYGEN OF LIFE

The way he describes the human love and how much we need it. It is only this moment that I learned just how much love I can give to the people around me and this love will have an ultimate bond. 

If we change our focus, we can change our feelings. Remember quality questions will give you quality answers. 

Plus we also had the 10 day challenge, which pushed us to the limit and yet without a doubt it was fascinating to see how our body and soul can make a difference. 

So without a doubt this program does in fact change you for the better. But it is how you carry on with the actions and make it a massive action that you will eventually get the results, the dreams that you want. 

Just how much UPW got me the connections that I thought I never would have... u guys rock
Thanks Success Resources and my boss (Mr. Shuvo) who made it happen (The African Looking Bangladeshi)


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