Request for Work & Tutorials-Updated

Its been great to know we are still alive on Livejournal and still the groups are quite active. So if any of you require any banners, icons or just wallpaper I am keeping this open to all to send in your request

Please put the subject as the current date and your request I am more than happy to make and help the community out

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In case you cannot reach me here on Livejournal, just send me a message on Whatsapp to this number as I am mostly doing stuff so I might miss your message

+973 33939745  or just email me on 

I am on Instagram and Facebook 


Book Lover- Arthurian Legends - Dragon's Child by M.K. Hume

I always had a fascination for following the legend of arthur books and it was my main object to find book and reach as much of fiction I can. But this triolog was a great collection that I want to include it

Book Summary a details (spoilers if you have read it...)
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I am trying put up a collection list and link so hopefully this week I can post it..
Have a good ready everyone..
Whats your book this week 
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Netflix new upcoming Series "CURSED"

As soon as I saw the trailer I was just in love with it. It should definitely be a badass series... and girl power. 

Cursed is an upcoming American drama web television series, based on the illustrated novel of the same name by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler. The series is set to premiere on Netflix on July 17, 2020


Life Begins again

I know I have been silent for some time now and I thought I do another comeback after this exciting time spent stuck. Well, life is trying to turn back around and each country is struggling to return to the #newNormal as everyone is calling it. 

So how is your struggle been so far? I would love to know who is with me till in Livejournal and what is happening. I am trying to be active now and do some challenges. 

I have come up with some exciting new textures and I will be launching soon my website, but I thought even though I do have my site, I still want to have this. It was something that I loved and share my work, my inspiration and it was the beginning of my art career.  

Here are some "About Me Banners I thought you guys could enjoy (I had done them for a friend)

Photo Credit- @unsplash
Photo Credit- @unsplash
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Please send in your request for any type of banner on my request post 

Have a great day everyone ....